Hackers Getting Hacked – Episode 036

Hackers Getting Hacked

EP036 Hackers Getting Hacked

Max and I have realized that one can never stay on top of the news because they just keep changing it on us. We were all happy with our USA Patriot act episode but they just couldn’t keep their noses out of the American public’s business. They had to get right back up there.

So we cover the backpedaling on that, then cover a little of the massive and devastating OPM breach and the terrible breach for Hacking Team. An interesting case of Hackers getting hacked and that really should be a sign, if you can’t trust criminals WHO CAN YOU TRUST?!

Lastly I eat a little crow when I have to sort-of re-assess my statement from the previous episode regarding the stance on justice in a little segment we like to call “un-Finnished justice”!

We actually didn’t call it that.

In-fact that joke was too dumb to leave in the episode when I edited it but darned if I can’t slap it in here since no one reads this far into the post!

You’re all just so excited to make with the downloading and get straight to the listening SO HAVE AT IT!

Originally Recorded July 13th 2015

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