Crypto Continued – Episode 021

EP021 Crypto Continued

More episodes, more episodes, more episodes!

We continue our discourse on cryptography with more of Alce Bob & Eve’s adventures! Or should I say MISADVENTURES! I shouldn’t. I should never say that. I apologize sincerely to you dear reader. Crypto is serious business and no place for levity.

This has been an enlightening episode. Or HAS IT?! You be the judge, jury, and executioner and then the executor of the will. We’d like some feedback on this episode, Too deep? Too light? What would you like to hear? Send us an email, use the comments for this post or tweet us. We’re all over those things!

Hey, just between us, I’ve been thinking of maybe revamping the page layout. What do you think about that? Would that make you feel uncomfortable? Are you so used to this layout from all the time you spend hanging out here on the site? Send an email or a tweet to let me know what your feelings are.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled crypto…


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