More Common Web Vulnerabilities – Episode 012

More Common Web Vulnerabilities

EP012 More Common Web Vulnerabilities

We journey again into the realm of continuity! This is YET ANOTHER part 2 for content and ease of consumption. This time we wrap up our common web vulnerabilities with the creatively named episode 012, More common web vulnerabilities!

I know right? We spared no expense on that name.
I was pushing for something about sessions, if you listen to the episode you’ll understand why.

SPOILERS: We say “sessions” a lot.

But it just didn’t make sense, we already set the title continuity precedence with episode 5 and we are nothing without standards.

There’s some housekeeping, there’s some, I want to say banter, and there’s more – more common web vulnerabilities than you can shake a stick at! This is a well rounded episode if I do say so myself! I’m not just writing more about it because I’m procrastinating from trying to make up a clever title image. It’s actually THAT GOOD.

(Image solution? COP OUT! I’d like to thank laziness, uninspired titles, and all the little people for making this happen!)


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