Common Web Vulnerabilities – Episode 011

Common Web Vulnerabilities

EP011 Common Web Vulnerabilities

Happy new year to all! (With this slightly delayed episode) for which I have no one to blame but procrastination. One might even say it’s a VULNERABILITY of mine. Is that a Segue I hear?! Not really. It’s a poorly shoe-horned in attempt to get back on topic and the topic this “week” is common web vulnerabilities!

What do I mean? We give an overview of some of the most frequently used attacks online, ways that websites, web servers, web apps, and web denizens are often compromised by the malicious.

I admit I was surprised to find I use some of these exploits myself but not in a malicious manner mind you. I was, however, not surprised at all to find out that over the years I have fallen prey to most of these!

The image made more sense before the brains of the operation made me add the “web” part. Just imagine how clever it would be if it was just “common vulnerabilities” SO CLEVER.

Funfact: This post represents the most times I have typed the word vulnerabilities, possibly ever.

Vulnerabilities. Yup, It’s now a lock!


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