Seven Layer Burrito – Episode 009

Seven Layer Burrito

EP009 – Seven Layer Burrito

Max is literally 0 milligrams lighter this episode without his Movember monthstache and you can hear the relief in his voice as he takes us delving into the delicious world of the seven layer OSI model.

What is an OSI model you ask?

That’s an excellent question!

Can I answer it?

Not without ruining THE ENTIRE EPISODE…

Is there really 7 layers?
Could there be an eighth layer?
What if I order 2 burritos and pile them on top of one another to make a 14 layer bad mother burrito?

SOME OF THESE ANSWERS AND MORE! So you might as well click on the links below to get your LEARN on! (or fire up your favorite podcatcher with the above subscription links)

We discuss popular sandwich alternatives and something about computers I think. It really is worth the listen.


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