Dr Ro-botnets – Episode 008

Dr Ro-botnets

EP008 – Dr Ro-Botnets

Some tragic news; our original episode all about botnets, after heaps of recording and tons of feel-good camaraderie, ended up being completely un-usable. I blame myself and possibly society…

That having been said we’ve tried to re-record the episode with as much verve and vigor as we could muster staying as true to the original content as we could meanwhile trying to inject levity and you can hear the love and commitment in every terrible joke.

Episode 008 is all about botnets! The negative uses and even some valid reasons they might exist… This episode has it all! Bots, nets, and I think I use some pointless big words just because they’re delightful!

Make sure you tune in! This is the last episode this year that you’ll get to hear Max’s mustache!


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