CanSecWest Recap – Episode 018

EP018 CanSecWest Recap After a triumphant visit out to Vancouver British Columbia (I really had to fight autocorrect to get my U in that spelling…) Max has returned back to a wintry East-coast house filled with leaky windows and… One man microphones. That’s right, It’s a call back to the previous EP where we were … Read more

And BOOM goes the dynamic input – Episode 015

EP015 And BOOM goes the dynamic input! We are drawing ever closer to the 20th episode spectacular! I don’t know if there will in-fact be a spectacle but at this point anything goes. This episode we explain buffer overflow on the heap and stack, format string and off by one vulnerabilities, and what to do … Read more

Let’s talk about stacks baby! – Episode 014

EP014 Let’s talk about stacks baby! We talked about web vulnerabilities and the markup languages, and interpretation of scripts, but those aren’t real programs running on your computer. This time we’re going to get a little more advanced and talk about programming and execution within the computer drawing back to the first few episodes. It’s … Read more