Enterprise Scale Development – Episode 023

EP023 Enterprise Scale Development Originally recorded back in April We are getting caught up with all the delays that have plagued (or blessed in Max’s case) us. This is the episode where we discuss Enterprise scale development, the different positions that you might find in those circumstances and this will nicely play off the next … Read more

Cryptographic Adventures of Alice, Bob and Eve – Episode 020

EP020 Cryptographic Adventures of Alice, Bob, and Eve Eagle … eared listeners might have noticed we were getting out of control with our time frame references. While I really found it hilarious after a while it just kinda becomes that uncomfortable funny where no one wants to hear the joke but that one guy keeps … Read more

CanSecWest Recap – Episode 018

EP018 CanSecWest Recap After a triumphant visit out to Vancouver British Columbia (I really had to fight autocorrect to get my U in that spelling…) Max has returned back to a wintry East-coast house filled with leaky windows and… One man microphones. That’s right, It’s a call back to the previous EP where we were … Read more

Let’s Social Engineer Max a Better Microphone – Episode 017

EP017 Let’s Social Engineer Max a Better Microphone This was going to be epic. This is the first episode that Max and I have recorded face to face in real meatspace since the beginning of this whole endeavor. We were excited. Some may say a little TOO excited because we didn’t actually listen to what … Read more

Credit Card Compromise – Episode 016

EP016 Credit Card Compromise What started as an experimental episode (see also: Cop out) about “discussing news” ended up as a pretty interesting discussion about the state of the US banking, retail point of sales, & security failings. We had a couple of articles that all dealt with the credit card compromises brought about by … Read more