Open Source Security Architecture Group

Music provided by: Denis Kreynin https://soundcloud.com/denis-kreynin
Originally Recorded March 11th 2015

This week Rob Fuller (a.k.a. Mubix) joins us to discuss his new Open Source Security Architecture Group initiative.

On the way to covering that topic we cover a bunch of other projects Rob has been involved with, including:
Hak5’s Metasploit Minute
How to win at CCDC (Blue team guide)
Attacker Ghost Stories: Cheap or Free tools and techniques you can use to frustrate the bad guys and keep them off your network

We also discuss the Penetration Testing Execution Standard, which is a framework for consistently delivering professional penetration tests. There is the defence side of that which is the Strategic Defence Execution Standard.

We have to thank the The Southern Fried Security Podcast for breaking the news about Rob Fuller’s initiative.

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