Seven Layer Burrito – Episode 009

EP009 – Seven Layer Burrito Max is literally 0 milligrams lighter this episode without his Movember monthstache and you can hear the relief in his voice as he takes us delving into the delicious world of the seven layer OSI model. What is an OSI model you ask? That’s an excellent question! Can I answer … Read more

Dr Ro-botnets – Episode 008

EP008 – Dr Ro-Botnets Some tragic news; our original episode all about botnets, after heaps of recording and tons of feel-good camaraderie, ended up being completely un-usable. I blame myself and possibly society… That having been said we’ve tried to re-record the episode with as much verve and vigor as we could muster staying as … Read more

Passwords and other bad ideas – Episode 007

EP007 – Passwords and other bad ideas We’re playing with our all new free form format. So strap in for a scattered start as we swerve all over the road that is biometrics until we settle into a good groove and start discussing passwords, the perceived security they give some attacks against them. I promise … Read more

Skynet Protection – Episode 006

EP006 – Skynet – Protection Max is talking bad guys and Matt is talking gibberish! A fun filled episode where we start talking about bad guys and some of the general attacks they might try. As mildly entertaining back-end news we ran into all kinds of editing/post production issues that you totally won’t even notice! … Read more

Networking2: Networking Networks – Episode 005

EP005 – Networking2 – Networking networks Networking’s Baaaaack! We talk more about networking in part two of our networking basics. There’s a lot more in-depth coverage of networks and their interactions with other networks, time, ping we have it all! Matt embarrasses himself by admitting he wasn’t very alert when it came to blindly clicking … Read more

Networking: It’s a Traaaap! – Episode 004

EP004 – Networking – It’s a Traaaap Part one of our introductory podcast to networking & network security. Housekeeping, family as network, Matt becomes obsessed with the new term he’s learned “Sneakernet” and Max let’s him go hog-wild with a confusing subway car analogy. We cover the general ideas of networking, explain some of the … Read more

Make Your SexyRobot Work – Pilot Episode 001

EP001 – Hardware – Make Your SexyRobot Work The pilot episode to In-Security. Jumping right it with hardware basics in this first sink or swim episode. We’re not going into the broad strokes of everything that’s available in a computer we’re simply looking at the elementary way that the computer hardware works with the eventual … Read more