Bloaty and the Superfish – Episode 042

Bloaty and the Superfish

Bloatware is out there. Swelling and expanding and taking up your valuable valuable resources and stealing your car keys and taking the family sedan out for joyrides in the middle of the night.

So I guess we should make a podcast explaining it.

DONE! That’s right, We’re going to EXPAND on the topic of BLOATware. Heh. Ugh.

Bloatware is the software installed on your new electronics direct from the manufacturer under the guise of “improving your user experience” In reality it might improve the price you pay slightly but otherwise often has very little benefit.

But we’ll get into that I don’t want to jump the gun.

I don’t want to mislead anyone. We only thought of the title at the end so there are no hootie puns throughout the episode. I am sure we could have included some references to I only wanna be with you or let her cry or something. Those jokes pretty much make themselves when you’re talking bloatware.

In case you’re wondering about Superfish. Yeah, that’s also a thing, I wasn’t just trying to avoid litigation. If you want to know more you should probably fire up your favorite listening device or devices, I am not here to limit you, and give it a digital spin.

Originally Recorded July 6th 2016

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