Handsomeware – Episode 041


This is a new and exciting episode on the topic of Ransomware.
It was the planned episode that we were going to do before life intervened and a show didn’t happen for 4 months.

But it’s here now. So there’s that.

Ransomware, as the name would suggest and as you are about to find out is the thing that you are probably going to experience where someone compromises your computer then asks you for money to either not do something or to undo something they’ve already done.

I’m collecting ideas for the in-security podcast drinking game, so far I think every time there is reference to a movie take a drink. If the movie in question is Sneakers then take two drinks.
I’ve also made up a drinking game specially for this episode. Every time Max says “ransomware” you have to take a drink.

That way you’ll regain consciousness and maybe sober up just in time for the next episode to finally come out!

I’m not sure if it was a running gag on his part but MAN did he go all out.

And just a bit of site news. For some reason our email address wasn’t working. So I managed to fix that and heartily apologize for it. I don’t really know what went wrong, because we definitely tested it before and it was working.

I’m hoping no one is holding our email ransom.

You know, like some kind of ransomware.

That’s right. I’m psyching you up for the episode. ENJOY!

Originally Recorded May 24th 2016

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