Legal Wiretapping – Episode 035

Legal Wiretapping

EP035 Legal Wiretapping

First off: No. We didn’t call the whole show off after Rob Fuller’s interview. Although we thought we’d reached a pinnacle there we quickly realized that the information security news and infotech problems are still going so we might as well too.

In reality we had an unfortunate series of health and scheduling delays.

So the latest episode of course has to cover some of the changes growth and movement since our last podcast which we cover with aplomb!

Eventually we get to brand new content! The content this episode is legal wiretapping! the USA PATRIOT Act has elapsed and been replaced with the USA FREEDOM Act which we look at and clear up a bit of the differences and changes that entails.

While the US has actually moved away from unwarranted wiretapping search and surveillance Canada is moving TOWARDS it?

That’s right. C-51 is Canada’s version of the USA PATRIOT Act. Allowing for wiretapping all over the place. As Canadians we will talk a little about that too!

Originally Recorded June 18th 2015

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