Open Source Security Architecture Group – Episode 034

Open Source Security Architecture Group

EP034 Open Source Security Architecture Group

Oh boy do we have an episode for you!
This is our first ever interview and with an entertaining guy Rob Fuller also known as Mubix. He took the time to discuss with us (well, Max mostly) The plans for the Open Source Security Architecture Group.

Or at least he tries to once Max gets done his fanboy tirades.

“Well that’s all well and good” you say “But just what is this Open Source Security Architecture Group?” You ask, incredulously.

I mean, if you actually do say either of those two things I should probably get out of podcasting and into prognosticating.


I don’t want to spoil the fun for you because we have the one person on the planet better qualified to explain it to you and that is of course it’s founder and we can have him explain it in the only method better than me writing this blog post and that would be this podcast.

Wow that was a terrible stretch, just listen would you?

Originally Recorded March 11th 2015

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    • Thanks. We’ll try to get some more out shortly. We’ve been dealing with some personal injuries and bizarre work hours lately which have prevented us from recording, but hopefully that will be behind us soon.

      Thank you for your patience, Max

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