Jobs in InfoSec – Episode 024

Jobs in Infosec

EP024 Jobs in InfoSec

This might be a great episode to have listened to at the start of all this podcastery. In reality we sort of dove right in at the start without trying to tempt you with the lurid promise of fat sacks of job satisfaction.

This episode centers on possible jobs in InfoSec available with the science we are dropping within each and every episode. It’s definitely a starting point if you’re trying to convince your buddies to listen. I’m going to go ahead and predict available jobs in InfoSec will going to continue to be an ever growing demand until this whole internet craze dies out. Then we can finally go back to actually talking to one another in meatspace.

As you all might know we are delayed by my current work schedule as I have had a change in hours. I am slowly trickling out the episodes we had recorded until Max and I are able to reconcile our time zone woes. That’s why you are only getting play-offs references now. In July. Also, Happy Canada and America days, albeit early or late.

I guess, among other things, it’s the scheduling conflicts that led Max to putting this episode together. His thinking presumably was along the lines of getting me a break down of jobs in InfoSec might lead me to getting a more consistent schedule?

Who am I to pretend to understand the mind of a mad man?


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