Cryptographic Adventures of Alice, Bob and Eve – Episode 020

EP020 Cryptographic Adventures of Alice, Bob, and Eve

Eagle … eared listeners might have noticed we were getting out of control with our time frame references. While I really found it hilarious after a while it just kinda becomes that uncomfortable funny where no one wants to hear the joke but that one guy keeps saying it so people are just sort of laughing to be polite.

This had to stop so I took a firm stance on it and decided (which admittedly I should have maybe mentioned on the site) that we weren’t going to keep on posting things out of order. This meant we were going to sit tight until the fabled episode on cryptographic practices in the form of “Cryptographic Adventures of Alice, Bob, and Eve” was finally released. I was comfortable with holding firm on this since I had done the noble thing and left all the editing for this episode on Max’s lap.

I am a good friend and host!

I guess unless another Heartbleed things comes along we are going to try and stick to this so that I can stop thinking I am funny and can stop doing the same stupid jokes about our shows being out of order.

Which, I think is enough excuses, now let’s talk about this episode!


My how clever of him, you are all thinking! He employed a Caesar cipher to write the topic of the podcast because they are going to discuss such things!

That’s right folks! I go for the lowest hanging fruit!

Anyways give Cryptographic Adventures of Alice, Bob, and Eve a listen and then leave comments on this post or email us or whatever. Just please don’t encode your comments because while we might be able to talk about it doesn’t mean we can crack it. Heck it took months just to complete the talking about it phase…


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