Preemptive Heartbleed – Episode 019

EP019 Preemptive Heartbleed

I know that we have maybe teased about some pending episodes (and the teasing gets a little out of hand in this episode…) but we kinda figured it made sense to preempt the episodes we have loaded up with this much more timely, much more pressing coverage of Heartbleed.

We still have a line-up of recorded & unreleased content coming so don’t worry, and we are not ones to dangle the carrot only to pull the… Carrot out from under you? However hen something in the security world causes this much of a media frenzy we feel we would be doing you, our faithful listeners (Hi Mum!) a disservice without trying to get you correct, useful, and timely information.

Now you can impress your friends and woo your paramour with your stunning in-depth knowledge of Heartbleed.

That’s right folks this episode deals with Heartbleed bug, how it works, some of the scope and implications and then using this as a launching point we cover just how one would create a security program to handle such threats and vulnerabilities.

And to think, I didn’t even know it was a word previously but now I am heart-hemorrhaging “Heartbleed” all over this post.

*Special thanks to Codenomicon, for their Heartbleed logo & name.


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