Let’s Social Engineer Max a Better Microphone – Episode 017

EP017 Let’s Social Engineer Max a Better Microphone

This was going to be epic.

This is the first episode that Max and I have recorded face to face in real meatspace since the beginning of this whole endeavor.

We were excited. Some may say a little TOO excited because we didn’t actually listen to what the recording was outputting. There is evidently a setting on the microphone that allows it to record from both sides simultaneously.

That setting is … Not the one we used.

This is the episode on the fine art of the social engineer that we started discussing in maybe ep01 or ep02 or something and decided to hold off on until we were sufficiently able to mess up the recording for everyone.

Social engineers work the fine art of manipulation with the eventual goal of gain. Gaining access, gaining permissions, financial gains, you know… gain.

So I apologize on behalf of this “ep01” calibre audio quality but try and stick with it. I believe this will lead to more episodes on the topic.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Social Engineer Max a Better Microphone – Episode 017

  1. Hello,

    I’m currently listening to your podcast and in episode 17 about social Engineering Max mentioned a book that relates to a psychology and mind manipulation. Can you tell me who’s the author of the book and the title of the book?

    Thank you

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