Credit Card Compromise – Episode 016

EP016 Credit Card Compromise

What started as an experimental episode (see also: Cop out) about “discussing news” ended up as a pretty interesting discussion about the state of the US banking, retail point of sales, & security failings. We had a couple of articles that all dealt with the credit card compromises brought about by the outdated and quite frankly already obsolete mag-stripe on your run of the mill credit card. So the articles discussed can all be accessed in the shownotes so head over there. I’ll also throw in a silly video that I kept thinking about during the show instead of staying on topic.

It also lead to the amazing alliteration all around this article!

I mentioned in the last write up that there might be something going on for the 20th episode. I didn’t have anything planned. I just had to write some kind of post for the website and was probably delirious from lack of sleep or too much sleep whichever it is I did the night before. I can hardly remember now. I shouldn’t say sleep supersedes our site’s structure but It might maybe make more mentions of spectacles happen.

There might be. Quite frankly I didn’t think we’d make it to 5 so the simple fact of 20 episodes was the spectacle I was talking about. I dunno, I’ll have to talk to Max about it some-more and see if there’s actually something we can do to make it more spectacular?

I am now all worn out from alliteration. I think I might need to lie down.


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