Hardening is Haaaard – Episode 013

Hardening is Hard

EP013 Hardening is Hard

As episodes go 013 is a fun & lucky one! We are talking about hardening, we provide a general overview, we provide some ways you can follow along at home to learn on your own and we probably talk complete trash at some point since that’s how we roll! There’s even a b-bomb in this one that I wasn’t expecting, if that’s not enough of a teaser how about this?

You will never believe what we cut out of this episode. It was SO cut out of the episode it will never be available to you, the listeners!
To be honest I am not sure what it was either but this is the kind of tripe news aggregation websites have to resort to to get people to click something on Facebook and they’re consummate professionals are they not?

Hardening is not as dirty as it sounds, I think… It can be summed up as securing infrastructure by eliminating unnecessary weak points. In our context infrastructure means desktops, workstations, routers, network hubs, servers etc. so I think securing means closing open doors, shutting open ports, turning off apps & services that you don’t need, making sure you close the fridge because you aren’t paying to cool the neighbourhood, and locking the front door when you leave the house.

Come to think of it, I’m not 100% sure how accurate any of that is, I should probably give the episode another listen.


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