Passwords and other bad ideas – Episode 007

Passwords and other bad ideas

EP007 – Passwords and other bad ideas

We’re playing with our all new free form format. So strap in for a scattered start as we swerve all over the road that is biometrics until we settle into a good groove and start discussing passwords, the perceived security they give some attacks against them.
I promise you, this is a learning curve and any feedback you want to give will only help us grow as podcasters and help you grow as a person!
Is the free-form format more entertaining or should we keep it a little more structured?


3 thoughts on “Passwords and other bad ideas – Episode 007

  1. I’ve seen similar resrtictions but still consider the security sufficient ifa) you have some random login number that you write downb) your account gets blocked after 3 tries.If the login number was your account number it could be used for denial of service, so I prefer a random number.Of course someone could still steal your hashed password from the bank and brute-force it which is easier for simple password.But then this is not much easier than installing a trojan, staging a man in the middle attack or sniff your password by other means.

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