Advertising After 40 – Episode 040

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Advertising After 40

EP040 Advertising After 40

They says that life begins at 40.

They also say no press is bad press.

They also say a stitch in time saves 9.

When I was a kid I thought that the last one was a reference to some sort of space-time wrinkle. Like how a stitch in your side is a cramp. It was years later that I actually put together the sewing connection. I was a weird kid. I liked science and space and stuff. Fortunately I’ve put all that to use to become a guy who plays the dumb guy on a podcast!

But all that changed with THIS EPISODE. We have decided that since we’ve gotten out of the initial content heavy/dense shows we can probably let me talk about things too. We put that to use in this, our 40th episode. The web advertising episode. We’re going into the hist’ry of advertising on the web and maybe the future? Only time will tell.

While we’re on the topic of telling things, maybe you can tell us what you think of this format, a lot more back and forth I hope tickles your fancies.

Originally Recorded November 30th 2015

Log ALL THE THINGS – Episode 039

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It’s log, it’s log, it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood.

It’s log, it’s log, it’s better than bad it’s informative and will help you track down problems and identify failings in your information security!

We’re talking about log files. I know, you’re thinking: But Matt, Why would log files be of any benefit to us. We’re interested in information security and protecting computers!

Well that’s a really weird thing for you to be thinking. Log files are the bread and butter of the information CSI world.

“Now, I’m confused” you’re thinking, “How will Max explain this one?”

Thankfully Max recruited this great guest to get us into the information filled world of logs. This week we have a special guest in the form of Allan Stojanovic. We’re going to get a pretty solid introduction into just why logging is invaluable and get a little insight into how we ought to go about it.

Originally Recorded November 17th 2015

Smashley Badison – Episode 038

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Smashley Badison

EP038 Smashley Badison

By now you’ve either heard of the Avid Life Media breach, which you have mostly only heard of as the Ashley Madison breach, or you are really probably not that into news.

So as we all know, the bad thing has happened to a questionable company.

Avid Life Media, makers of the websites Ashley Madison and Established Men were breached and lost a lot of sensitive information that negatively affected a lot of people. So now that we’ve had some time for the sensationalism to die down let’s try and organize everything into an actual timeline, see what happened and see what we can learn from all this.

The short answer is “don’t trust people with things you want kept secret.” The long answer is something like 36 minutes long and comes in the easy listening format of episode 38 of the in-security podcast.

That’s right.

That’s what we cover this week. Avid Life Media and their devastating data breach.

If the news is to be believed then it wasn’t actually all that devastating to them as a company. But it was totally devastating to the real humans affected.

Originally Recorded October 7th 2015

Hardware Snoops, Dawg – Episode 037

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Hardware Snoops, Dawg

EP037 Hardware Snoops, Dawg

Hardware monitoring is getting more and more difficult to manage and mitigate. There’s crazy techniques that can now be employed for increasingly lower overhead. How can we fight this? How can we stop this? How can we weaponize cats?

That’s right folks, We are going to get a little down and dirty in this episode with some discussion on hardware monitoring methods and devices. Freaking lasers? We got that. Animal cruelty? We’ll cover it. Max’s amazingly loud keyboard? Yeah, I’ll talk about it yet again.

I’ll NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Until Max does the editing that is…

I’m going to take this moment to add an aside here, if you have any interest in us doing a spoilercast about Mr.Robot discussing the methods and hacks used there please leave a comment, email or tweet us. We’ll be happy to cover it!

Originally Recorded August 20th 2015

Hackers Getting Hacked – Episode 036

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Hackers Getting Hacked

EP036 Hackers Getting Hacked

Max and I have realized that one can never stay on top of the news because they just keep changing it on us. We were all happy with our USA Patriot act episode but they just couldn’t keep their noses out of the American public’s business. They had to get right back up there.

So we cover the backpedaling on that, then cover a little of the massive and devastating OPM breach and the terrible breach for Hacking Team. An interesting case of Hackers getting hacked and that really should be a sign, if you can’t trust criminals WHO CAN YOU TRUST?!

Lastly I eat a little crow when I have to sort-of re-assess my statement from the previous episode regarding the stance on justice in a little segment we like to call “un-Finnished justice”!

We actually didn’t call it that.

In-fact that joke was too dumb to leave in the episode when I edited it but darned if I can’t slap it in here since no one reads this far into the post!

You’re all just so excited to make with the downloading and get straight to the listening SO HAVE AT IT!

Originally Recorded July 13th 2015

Legal Wiretapping – Episode 035

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Legal Wiretapping

EP035 Legal Wiretapping

First off: No. We didn’t call the whole show off after Rob Fuller’s interview. Although we thought we’d reached a pinnacle there we quickly realized that the information security news and infotech problems are still going so we might as well too.

In reality we had an unfortunate series of health and scheduling delays.

So the latest episode of course has to cover some of the changes growth and movement since our last podcast which we cover with aplomb!

Eventually we get to brand new content! The content this episode is legal wiretapping! the USA PATRIOT Act has elapsed and been replaced with the USA FREEDOM Act which we look at and clear up a bit of the differences and changes that entails.

While the US has actually moved away from unwarranted wiretapping search and surveillance Canada is moving TOWARDS it?

That’s right. C-51 is Canada’s version of the USA PATRIOT Act. Allowing for wiretapping all over the place. As Canadians we will talk a little about that too!

Originally Recorded June 18th 2015

Open Source Security Architecture Group – Episode 034


Open Source Security Architecture Group

EP034 Open Source Security Architecture Group

Oh boy do we have an episode for you!
This is our first ever interview and with an entertaining guy Rob Fuller also known as Mubix. He took the time to discuss with us (well, Max mostly) The plans for the Open Source Security Architecture Group.

Or at least he tries to once Max gets done his fanboy tirades.

“Well that’s all well and good” you say “But just what is this Open Source Security Architecture Group?” You ask, incredulously.

I mean, if you actually do say either of those two things I should probably get out of podcasting and into prognosticating.


I don’t want to spoil the fun for you because we have the one person on the planet better qualified to explain it to you and that is of course it’s founder and we can have him explain it in the only method better than me writing this blog post and that would be this podcast.

Wow that was a terrible stretch, just listen would you?

Originally Recorded March 11th 2015

Disclosure and Something About Hats – Episode 033

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Disclosure and Something About Hats

EP033 Disclosure and Something About Hats

We kick off a whole new year of podcasting about infosec and the computer security field with our first of the year, a timely(?) discussion of bug and vulnerability disclosure and the best practices facing this topic.

Fortunately it was in the forefront of the news this year thanks to the 2 search engine mavens Google and Microsoft. That’s what Microsoft is known for right? It’s search engine?

I think when I search in-security in Bing we’re the third hit so clearly this Google thing is just a passing phase.

Annnnyway. Disclosure is a HUGE part of information Security and this podcast is dedicated to how to do it right, how to do it wrong how to prepare your own company to receive and handle disclosure of vulnerabilities in a responsible and timely manner.

Check it check it check it out!

Originally Recorded January 17th 2015

Sony Breachpocolypse – Episode 032

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Sony Breachpocolypse

EP032 Sony Breachpocolypse

The Sony breach is a pretty big deal followed by, well, everyone. Big enough for us to speculate on (and of course by the time this EP makes it to air there will be more news so expect a part 2.) The in-security guarantee for this is that at the time of recording all the information is as correct as we could make it.

This episode of the podcast contains a bunch of speculation so get ready!


Private Web Surfing – Episode 031

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Private Web Surfing

EP031 Private Web Surfing

If I said UIDH would that mean anything to you? No? Maybe? It does now? There’s been a recent computer information security community discovery about Verizon (and other companies) and how they are injecting a unique identification header into their customer’s web traffic.

What does that mean?

That’s a great question. If only Max were here we could ask him and then record his answer and maybe have some banter between us and then have Max edit it together into a… WAIT A MINUTE! That sounds just like episode 31 of our podcast! Holy cats! You should click and listen and learn about all of this.

Did we mess up? Did we get something wrong? Add your two cents (remember we’re Canadian so there might be an exchange rate) tweet us, leave a comment on this post or send us an email to feedback at